Hi, I am Siddharth.

I build beautiful, fast, accessible and amazing websites. I am a computer science geek 💖

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Siddharth Borderwala

Get to Know Me!

I am a Developer and Computer Science undergraduate studying at Shiv Nadar University in Delhi, NCR. I design and build beautiful websites and mobile apps. I am trying to create an online audience using this blog-folio and twitter. I love the JavaScript ecosystem and Rustlang. Also, I am currently learning Golang.

I began writing about the work I do and some engineering challenges I have solved on my blog recently. Give some of them a read, and share any kind of feedback you have, I would be happy to improve!

I try and read books, as much as I can and I love watching football, sitcoms and thrillers. Did I mention, I love playing FIFA and shooters with good story-lines?

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My Work

I am a Full-Stack JavaScript/TypeScript developer specializing in Reactjs, Nodejs, and the JAMStack ecosystem. I have worked on projects solo, as well as led teams of up to 6 developers to design, build and deploy production-grade web applications.

I am an open source contributor and have contributed to libraries like validatorjs. I have created and am maintaining reactjs libraries such as teaful-logger and sassy-datepicker. I am looking forward to building many more useful projects for open source developers.

I also work with local businesses to design, build and maintain their website and/or web applications. I also provide services like SEO/SMO opimzation, technical advise, and consultation for building an online presence for businesses.

My Resume

Want to Work With Me?

I am open to working on open source projects and SaaS startups, where I can make a valuable contribution to the product and the team. I have interned at a SaaS startup called Turtlewig, where I created features such as version control, chat mentions, and magic invite links. I am proficient at frontend and backend, and I love solving exciting web engineering challenges. You can read about one such challenge here.

I am quite experienced with taking businesses online. I provide services ranging from designing and developing sophisticated landing pages to fabricating complex web applications flaunting features such as authentication, content management systems, and payments.

I promise I am fun to work with and once I get comfortable with you, I'll crack quite a few jokes 😆.