Hello 👋🏻
I am Siddharth

I am a full stack developer. I build fast, beautiful and accessible websites and apps.

Siddharth Borderwala

About Me

Full Stack Developer

Technical Writer

Computer Science Graduate

Open Source Contributor


F1 and FIFA Fan

My Work

I am a Full-Stack JavaScript/TypeScript developer specializing in Reactjs, Nodejs, and the JAMStack ecosystem. I have worked on projects solo and led teams of up to 6 developers to design, build and deploy production-grade web applications.

I am an open-source contributor and have contributed to libraries like validatorjsand supabase. I have created and am maintaining reactjs libraries such as sassy-datepickerwhich has 3000 monthly downloads. I am looking forward to building many more useful projects for open source developers.

I also work with local businesses to design, build and maintain their website and web applications. I also provide services like SEO/SMO optimization, technical advice, and consultation for building an online presence for businesses.

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