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I am Siddharth

A full stack developer building fast, beautiful and accessible website and apps.

Siddharth Borderwala


Short on time? This is me, bento box style!

Full Stack Developer

Technical Writer

Computer Science Graduate

Open Source Contributor


SEO Expert

F1 and FIFA Fan

About Me

Here' a little bit about me and my work!

I am a Full-Stack TypeScript Developer specializing in front-end development. I am proficient with with React, Node, GraphQL, SQL and Redis. I also enjoy working with Go and Rust for building backend services and CLI tools.

I have more than 2 years of experience in building web experiences, ranging from simple landing pages, complex web applications and chrome extensions. I am also fairly experienced with creating and maintaining developer SDKs and open source packages.

I love open source and I am the creator and maintainer of sassy-datepicker - a date picker library for React, which has 60K downloads in 2024. I have also contributed to libraries like validatorjs and supabase.

I also work with local businesses to design, build and maintain their website and web applications. I also provide services like SEO/SMO optimization, technical advice, and consultation for building an online presence for businesses.

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